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What is DVB2000 ?
DVB2000 is an alternative operation system for digital Set-Top-Boxes from finnish manufactor Nokia which runs on the models Mediamaster 9200, Mediamaster 9500 (also known as dbox I) and Mediamaster 96xx. Both satellite and cable models are supported from DVB2000.
more about DVB2000: Capability characteristics

Where to get DVB2000 ?
DVB2000 is offered exclusivly on the homepage of the author 'Dr. Overflow' for free download. The DVB2000 emerges again and again also on other web pages, but a download from such pages is however connected with extensive risks, which reach up to the complete failure of the function. From therefore it recommendable to download only from the official Download page. Due to server problems Dr. Overflow authorized to publish DVB2000 directly.
to the download: V2.00.0 beta 8

And how does DVB2000 find the way into the Set-Top-Box ?
The first upload of DVB2000 into the Set-Top-Box kann can be done in two different ways. On the one hand the Set-Top-Box can be connected by a serial zero-modem cable with the PC and then DVB2000 can be uploaded with programs like 'Transbox'. But if this way work depends on the current installed operation system and the so-called Bootloader's in the set Set-Top-Box. On the other hand the DVB2000 can be uploaded with help of a BDM. BDM is for Background Debug Module and is a little hardware, which is switched between the PC and then Set-Top-Box. Unfortunately the BDM-connector is only inside the Set-Top-Box, which means that the Set-Top-Box must be opened, but with the BDM the DVB2000 can be uploaded however independently from the presently installed operation system. Detailed guidance for uploading the DVB2000 into the Set-Top-Box is available on a wide range of pages in the net, which you can found with a search engine like Google.