Capability characteristics 
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Supported hardware
Nokia Mediamaster 9200S, 9200C, 9500S, 9500C, 9600S, 9602S, 9610S, 9620S, dbox-S* and dbox-C*
Optional: S/PDIF compatible digital audio output, PCF8573 based real-time-clock (RTC), SCSI CD-ROM drive, SCSI-harddisk

Function range without attached PC
  • 3072 or 2048* channels storable
  • Favorite list for up to 127 favorite channels
  • Channel management in one ore two list ofr TV- and radiostations
  • fast menu driven operation
  • automatic satellite- / cablesearch
  • manual adding of transponder/cable channels
  • manual adding of single channels
  • easy sorting, editing and deleting of channels with the remote control
  • Administration and control of max. 2 LNB's by 12V-control output or toneburst (mini DiSEqC)
  • Administration and control of max. 4 LNB's by DiSEqC level 1.1
  • Support for C-band LNB's
  • Control of DiSEqC and VSEC rotors
  • integrated teletext decoder with cache for 1027 pages and roll pages*
  • integrated player for video-CD's (VCD) and audio-CD's*
  • integrated player for audiofiles in MPEG layer 1 and layer 2 format from CD-ROM and harddisk
  • integrated recorder to save audiodata to a connected SCSI-harddisk
  • Display the current and following transmissions from even selected channel
  • Display of program-accompanying information for current and following transmission
  • easy switching between the audio-channels with multilingual transmissions
  • Video output switchable between Composite, S-video and RGB
  • Composite and S-Video switchable between PAL and NTSC
  • freely configurable switching voltage at the TV SCART socket in dependency of the source (TV, VCR, AUX)
  • freely configurable positions of the different menus
  • automatic adjustment of date and time or usage a real-time clock*
  • Sleeptimer
  • 10 programmable timers for time-controlled switching on and off
  • Dolby Digital AC3 Output*

  • additional functions with attached PC
  • up- and download of the channel-settings with serieal cable or SCSI-connection
  • editing the channel-settings at the PC
  • easy update of DVB2000 with serieal cable or SCSI
  • editing menu-colors and positons at the PC
  • upload of different fonts into DVB2000
  • upload of userdefined boot-images and intro sounds into DVB2000
  • Audio-, video- and data-streaming to the PC with SCSI-connection

  • *The dbox is available in two different generations. DVB2000 only runs in dbox'es of first generation, which can identified by the SCSI-connector at the backplane.
    *The number of storable channels depends on the installed bootloader in the Set-Top-Box.
    *The number of cachable teletext pages depends on the installed memory size (RAM).
    *Audio- und video-CD playback don't work with all CD-ROM drives.
    *For the realtime clock additional hardware is necessary.
    *For Dolby Digital AC3 a digital audio output must build in and also an AC3-ready amplifier is necessary.

    last modification: 24. June 2001