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Micha's MegaRadio-LivePlayerMicha's MegaRadio-LivePlayer [ Freeware from Micha R. ] [ 32bit Windows ]

MegaRadio goes on to continue r@dio.mp3. MegaRadio is a radiostation, which is trnasmitted in MP3-format. This is the right player to listen to MegaRadio with the data streamed from your DVB2000 ready mediamaster.
more informations...Download: Liveplayer V0.8.3
Micha's MPP2MP2-ConverterMicha's MPP2MP2-Converter [ Freeware from Micha R. ] [ 32bit Windows ]

With this little program you can convert MPP-audiofiles recorded from your DVB2000-ready mediamaster into MP2- or WAV-files
 Download: MPP2MP2 V1.9a
Micha's SCSI-JukeboxMicha's SCSI-Jukebox [ Freeware from Micha R. ] [ 32bit Windows ]

You want to playback MPP-, MP2- oder WAV-audiofiles from your PC to your mediamaster and you also want to view to your favorite pictures on your TV-set while music is playing ? In this case have a look to this program, which do it all.
more informations...Download: SCSI-Jukebox V1.0
 for DVB2000 'V2.00.0 beta 6 and above   Download: SCSI-Jukebox V1.1
MCE-GrabberMCE-Grabber [ Freeware from Michael P. ] [ 32bit Windows ]

Inside a lot of Pay-TV-packets radio-channels from the british provider Music Choice Europe (shortly MCE) are included. Thoose channels are transmitting pure music 24 hours a day without moderation and advertisements. So this is a very good source for your private archive of digital music. With the MCE-Grabber you can record all your favorite songs. MCE-Grabber cuts them automatically and - if you have an internet-connection - also rename the files with title, artist and albumname
more informations...Download: MCE-Grabber V1.11 beta
Micha's Audio-MPEG CutterMicha's Audio-MPEG Cutter [ Freeware from Micha R. ] [ 32bit Windows ]

The first try to make a program, which can cut MPEG-aufiofiles (MP1, MP2 and MP3) without qualityloss due to decoding MPx to WAV and reencoding WAV to MPx.
more informations...Download: Audio-MPEG Cutter V0.2c