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As you have noted, was not reachable yesterday. This was not the end of . I simply changed the server location and this was faster than I belive. Most parts of are available again and the upload is running to bring back the missing parts.

There are request from news-websites and print-media to expand the date for the boxname special. OK, the new and latest date is the 01. July 2003.

Because of delayed translation in different languages, the end of the boxname contest is moved to mondy, 09. June 2003.

some details abaut the new box you can find here c l i c k

OK, no news since more than one year, but as you should know, there will be no more further development in DVB2000, because Uli is working on a new project, which also is DVB-related - a new Set-Top-Box. If you like to share your seggestions with us, have a look at this little special. If there are more informations available about the new box, you will read it here.

No news since a long time, but now... I've released a new version of Liveplayer, which is working with "MegaRadio". Megaradio is using nearly the same technology like radio.mp3, which was closed last year. Have a look at the software section to download the new version.

Due to server problems, and Dr. Overflow's homepage ist not accessible since the end of last month. There has nothing happen with Uli. Those are server side based problems.

Yeah, Uli has publish a new version of DVB2000 at his homepage -> Dr. Overflow's homepage

R2-D2 has released a new version of his great DVB2000-Recorder. Additional he has designed his own webpage, where you can get all version from the first to the latest.

Version 1.2 of the Testpattern-Generator is available. I have added some test-cards. You can download it in the software-area.
I wish all visitors of no-access a happy new year 2002 !

R2D2 give us a new year present - version 1.14b of his DVB2000-Recorder.

A X-MAS present for you is made by R2D2. He has released the new version 1.13a of his DVB-Recorder, which is available in the software area.

Airborne has released a new version of his 'Universal' tool. He told me, that this is the last and final version. Because of missing ime, he stops the development in 12/2001 :(

R2D2 has released version 1.12a of his DVB-Recorder, which is available for download in the software area.

A new version of R2D2's DVB-Recorder is available for download in the software area.

The next tool, which will work with DVB2000 "v2.00.0 beta 5 DR2" or above is PaintDum II, what is available for download in the software area.

R2-D2 has released a new version of his DVBrecorder with some nice usefull feautures.

Dr. Overflow has publish a new version 'V2.00.0 beta 6' of DVB2000 on his site die DVB2000 'V2.00.0 beta 6' for public download. The biggest changes depends on the SCSI-routines. Some programs do need an update to work properly with this new version. A updated version of VGrabber is also available at Dr. Overflow's site.

I have switched the english page to the new page-layout, but only some parts of the site are currently available in english language. Please standby. I will update the other parts continously in the next days.

Airborne did it again and has released the next version of 'Universal'. Beside some bugfixes, this new version is also compatible to the developer versions of DVB2000. The download is located at the well known location in the software area.

More and more people uses the developer-versions of DVB2000. This is the cause for me, to update my programs to the changed. The first of my programs which is compatible to this versions of DVB2000, is the SCSI-Jukebox with version number 1.1 - you'll find it in the software area.

Airborne has released a new version of his Universal-Tool. The word "SCSI" is removed from the program name, because a lot of functions are also integreted to work with a serial connection, i.e. channel-up/download, general-settings download and remote control functions. More serial function will be come in the future.

And again a new version (v1.092a) of R2-D2's DVBRecorder is available for download.

R2-D2 has released version 1.08a of DVBRecorder. The download is located as ever at 'Software' -> 'Video'.