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VF's StreamreaderStreamreader [ Freeware from VF ] [ 32bit Windows ]

Streamreader make it possible to record complete video's from the current running TV-program. The recorded video-files can be played back on your PC with every DVD-player-software.
 Download: Streamreader's Homepage
Dr. Overflow's VGrabberVGrabber [ Freeware from Dr. Overflow ] [ 32bit Windows ]

VGrabber is primary a universal tool for all SCSI related things. It also can record video from the current running TV-program to your PC's harddisk.
 Download: VGrabber's Homepage
Grab 1.31 for LinuxGrab 1.31 [ Freeware from Peter ] [ LINUX ]

This is the first A/V-streaming-tool from the SCSI-port for the Linux operation system. Audio- and video-data is multiplexed on hte fly while streaming is running. For support have a look at the Forum.
 Download: grab-1.31.tgz
DVB2000 RecorderDVB2000Recorder [ Freeware from R2-D2 ] [ 32bit Windows ]

Based on Grab for Linux this is a Windows-port with some modifications and a GUI. Streamed A/V is multiplexed on the fly and the stored files can be played back with every software-DVD-player.
more informations...Download: DVB2000 Recorder V1.16b