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Wolfgang's SetEditSetEdit [ Shareware from Wolfgang Litzinger ] [ 32bit Windows ]

If it concerns editing your program tables at the PC, SetEdit is probably one of the first selection. Apart from the normal editing functions users with a turnable dish can administrate also the satellite positions. Further two separate program lists can be processed at the same time, whereby programs can be shifted list-spreading by dragee & drop. SetEdit can communicate beside the DVB2000 also with other set Top boxes. Owners of different set Top boxes need to maintain thus only one program table.
 Download: SetEdit Homepage
Rod's DVBEditDVBEdit [ Shareware from Rod Hewitt ] [ 32bit Windows / Windows CE ]

DVBEdit is the classic editor for program tables. With DVBEdit the program table of the DVB2000 can easily and efficiently be edited. Additional there are functions for updating the firmware of your set-top-box, making screenshoots and many more.
 Download: DVBEdit Homepage
Micha's Visualisation ControlMicha's Visualisation Control [ Freeware from Micha R. ] [ 32bit Windows ]

This gives your the possiblility to adapt almost any menu of the DVB2000 in colour and position according to your desires. Additionally the colours of the DVB2000-integrated teletextdecoder are changeable. Furthermore you can also modify and replace the fonts inside DVB2000.
mehr Informationen...Download: Visualisation Control V2.2pr8
Overdrive's DVBMCESMulti Color & Settings Editor [ Freeware from Overdrive ] [ 32bit Windows ]

Modify menu colours and positions, editing font's and configuration the general settings of DVB2000 from your PC? With Overdrive's DVBMCES all this is a children's game.
 Download: ODSoft multimedia Homepage
Overdrive's Pic'n Sound EditorPic'n Sound Editor [ Freeware from Overdrive ] [ 32bit Windows ]

DVB2000 is very flexible in the appearance. Even the intro-picture and the intro-music when switching on the set-top-box are alterable. Exactly for this purpose Overdrive's Pic'n sound editor is done.
 Download: ODSoft multimedia Homepage