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A Set-Top-Box is looking for a name

Some people knows, Uli alias "Dr. Overflow" and André alias "vf" are working on a new Set-Top-Box mit. Meanwhile this device in its development progressed so far that it was introduced for the first time on the Mediacast in London for the specialized public. The sales start of the set Top box is intended with the beginning of International Radio Exhibition IFA Berlin/Gernamy, which running from 29.08.2003 to 03.09.2003.

Naturally each product needs a name. And around this it goes here exactly. At the Mediacast the idea was born, to find the name not with help of advertisement people or specialized companies, but with help of the potential customers. Let us invite you to send your suggestions for a name to us. From the received suggestions then afterwards by specialists the best name is selected.

How do I participate ?
Simply write a mail with your suggestion to until monday, 01.07.2003. Please do not write any personal data into your mail.

What do I have of it ?
Five of the participants will win a free ticket for the international radio exhibition in Berlin for one day. The one who gives the best suggestion, wins a brand new set-top-box !

Are there rules to consider ?
Yes, because without rules it does not work...

  • You can make as much suggestions you want until the defined deadline. Thereby it is no matter whether you send all suggestions within one mail or write a extra mail for each suggestion.
  • If the applicable name is suggested several times, then that one man or woman will win, which submitted the suggestion as the first. Mails with obviously manipulated date are not rated.
  • The suggested names should not hurt copyrights, trademarks and/or registered names. Suggested names which are subject to be copyrighted, a trademark or registered names without doubt, cannot be considered. The winner and founder of the name explains itself in agreement to place no legal claims at the name.
  • In order to avoid disputes, the participant explains itself in agreement to keep its suggestions away from public discussions.
  • At the drawing each natural person is entitled, who is of age after the respective valid right. The course of law is impossible. All data are without guarantee.

    Data security
    All data, especially your mail address, are treated confidentially. To each mail you send in, you will receive one acknowledgment. All mail addresses are stored electronically for the purpose of determination the winners. No data will be given to third parties and will not be used for advertisement purposes.

    With friendly support by MNC Ltd. und Chaintech Computer Co Ltd.